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One of the easiest and most powerful ways to upgrade your online presence is by investing in professional branded photos for business. I’m a huge fan and advocate for beautiful lifestyle-type photos (especially for entrepreneurs, small businesses or personal brands). 

If you KNOW you need to update your website or social media photos but don’t know where to start, click here to read my top pro tips when hiring a professional photographer and click here to see what it’s really like to be in front of the camera for a fitness-wellness lifestyle shoot.


The cold hard truth is that the online world is first and foremost a VISUAL place. Things like colors, graphics and GOOD PHOTOS go a long way! And because I’m adamant about ‘talking my talk, and walking my walk’ I’ve done several branded shoots for The Meraki Collective. Awkward? Yes. Totally worth it? One hundred percent. 

Most recently we got in front of the camera for some updated website photos! I’ve re-designed our website several times but this was the first time I integrated photos of BOTH Eddie and I so I’m excited to finally share some of my favorites!

I’m forever grateful to James Ramos for documenting these moments in our Hawaii office (a.k.a. treehouse)! I love the combination of a posed/ styled moments and candid photo. We’ve since left Hawaii and are still transitioning into a new office space but these photos will forever be my favorite! I have so many more to share but you’ll have to find those throughout the site and social media. 🙂

Our Chief Happiness Officer, Cilantro, obviously needed a few portraits Solo! 🙂

I share these photos in hopes that you’ll feel inspired to take action and book your personal brand photos! Trust me when I say this, it’ll be one of the best investments you make in your business because you can use your branded photos on your website, social media, ads or any other marketing collateral. Visuals matter on the internet and having high-quality photos for your online presence is GOLDEN! xoxo, -M

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I’m a photographer and website strategist and I help entrepreneurs and small businesses show up online with strategy and confidence. We create modern and strategic websites so you can establish your online home, grow your personal brand and make more income. (and by “we” I my business parter/husband, Eddie and myself!) We’re so glad you’re here!