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A few weekends ago I joined Eddie for a grocery shopping run and I was surprised to pick up a few branding lessons from Costco & Lululemon! Tell me though, do you avoid grocery shopping too!? I avoid it like no other because I believe in doing things you’re good at and that you actually enjoy. Here’s the truth, I am neither ‘good at’ or ‘enjoy’ grocery shopping so Eddie has lovingly taken over that part of our life. 

When I say I’m not ‘good at’ grocery shopping, I mean it! If I’m tasked with shopping (even if I have a list) it will take me HOURS to get through a small market mostly because I get distracted with #allthethings and therefore I end up buying #allthethings! Can you relate? But here’s what I AM really good at (and I enjoy it!) ; finding branding lessons in everyday-random life!


While at Costco I came across a few pairs of leggings that would rival those that I’ve paid over $100 for. I don’t normally shop at Costco for workout clothes but this deal was too good to pass up (2 pairs for only $30). When we got home and I announced to Eddie that I really loved my new leggings, “heck, I might even go back to get another pair!” I declared.

His response? “Now you don’t need to buy expensive leggings anymore, that’s awesome!” Insert my long pause followed by a big ol’ explanation of how I’d never give up shopping for my Lululemon gear!

Today’s entire Matcha Monday conversation basically revolves around that conversation… AND how Costco and Lululemon are both very clear when it comes to WHO their customer is. This is a beautiful lesson for personal brand entrepreneurs. Especially when it comes to what “the competition” is doing.

Costco and Lululemon teach us that “the competition” is irrelevant when you’re focused on providing the experience that YOUR client wants. Watch this Matcha Monday replay to learn more about these lessons and how you can apply them to your business. Enjoy! Xoxo, -M

Click here to watch the replay directly on IG. 

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