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You’re passionate about what you do and you’re an expert in your field but when it comes to marketing your business you have no idea how to design your personal brand. So you Google more, you Pin for hours at a time, watch tutorial after tutorial and screenshot ‘all the pretty things’ but after weeks (or months!) of being behind your computer you still have no idea how to bring it all together! 

That’s the thing about being a personal brand entrepreneur… you spend months, years and an entire career perfecting your craft but no one ever teaches you the online survival skills you need to stand out online! No one ever prepares you with what will actually help you confidently market your business…

Enter good (and intentional!) branding.

There are many ways to approach the design of your brand but it’s important to take a holistic approach and look at three main components.


  1. Identity: Why do you do what you do? What are you really good at? And who do you want to help? 
  2. Messaging: What are the actual words, ideas and stories you’ll share with your audience?
  3. Visuals: What colors, photos and fonts will you use to capture your potential clients’ attention? 

When business owners or new entrepreneurs take the time to intentionally craft these three things they are able to provide a positive client experience and build trust with their community. The benefits of building a strong brand are endless and the points I’m listing here don’t even begin to scratch the surface!


If you’re looking for a simple and actionable step-by-step system to design the identity, messaging and visuals of your brand then join the Free 5-Day Brand Challenge! This challenge was specifically designed for personal brand entrepreneurs to do more for their brands in 5 days than they have all year! 

In only 5 days here’s what we’ll accomplish together: 

  • Figure out your color palette
  • Identify your brand vibe
  • Create a mood board
  • Design your Master Brand Guide

Click here to register for the Free 5-Day Challenge: DESIGN YOUR PERSONAL BRAND!™ I hope to see you inside! Xoxo, -M

P.S. The challenge only runs a few times per year so if you’re reading this when registration is closed, be sure to add your name and email to the waitlist! You’ll be the first to know when we open the doors for the next round! 

To watch the replay directly on IG, click here

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I’m a photographer and website strategist and I help entrepreneurs and small businesses show up online with strategy and confidence. We create modern and strategic websites so you can establish your online home, grow your personal brand and make more income. (and by “we” I my business parter/husband, Eddie and myself!) We’re so glad you’re here!
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