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I’ve got a few simple (but powerful!) things you can do to stop freaking out about your 2021 goals. That is of course, assuming that One, you’ve started planning for next year and Two, that you’re “freaking out”. If you’re neither planning for 2021 or stressed about it, then you’re golden! 

I’m still trying to make sense of the chaotic, yet beautiful blur, that was twenty-twenty. While mapping out some upcoming projects I found myself adding a lot more “padding” to each activity, goal and projection. The truth is we need MORE than just the traditional goal-setting tips. We need something foundational that goes beyond the basics.


The traditional goal setting tips go something like this:

  • Be specific
  • Measurable
  • Time-sensitive
  • Write it down
  • Get support 

Although these are all amazing guidelines, do you see the big problem with this? One of the many lessons twenty-twenty taught us is that EVEN WHEN your goals are specific, measurable, time-sensitive or perfectly crafted, there is a very real possibility that you won’t be able to reach them (and it won’t be your fault!)

So I propose a FOUNDATIONAL set of guidelines instead of ‘surface guidelines’ to help with the overwhelm, worry or “unknowing” of 2021 goals.

Let’s call this the ‘‘low-key survival guide for personal brand entrepreneurs’ because really, who the heck knows what’s to come in the next 12-months!? I go into more depth with each of these in today’s Matcha Monday replay which you can watch at the bottom of this post but for now, here’s the quick list:


  1. Let go of expectations. Failure is only present when there are unmet expectations, so what would happen if you let go of expectations? 
  1. Notice what narrative or timeline you’re living by. Who said you had to be married, with kids, a house, new car and have a successful business by 35?
  1. Give yourself space or “creative” time. What if you built in a few extra days or “creative work” to big projects to make sure you can deal with anything that might come up?
  1. Embrace the messy & unexpected. What happens when you remove the pressure of needing things to be perfect?
  1. Be quick and open to adapt, learn and get uncomfortable. When things don’t pan out as expected, how long will it take you to try something new so you can get back on your feet?
  1. Seek out the gift. Every single thing that doesn’t go your way carries a lesson (a.k.a a gift), can you get excited about finding it?
  1. Set goals in 90-day increments. This practically guarantees short-term and long-term focus as well as room for “mistakes” and adaptability. 

We know NOTHING of what will happen tomorrow, next week and definitely not 2021 so what if instead of trying to control what we think we’ll be doing next January, April, July or October, we stay open to the unknown, curious about the lessons and committed to showing up. 

None of this is to say that you should throw traditional goal-setting out the window or give up on hitting that next milestone in your business. This is simply a reminder to add a foundation to the traditional goal-setting guidelines so come what may, you’re ready and willing to grow, learn and lead. Thanks for being here and watching the replay! Xoxo, -M

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