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Welcome to the first post of our new BTS Series… MONTHLY REVIEWS: LESSONS & WINS! Let’s jump into the October 2020 review: this month was all about courses and FB ads!

Originally, the “Behind The Scenes” category in this blog was to share the back-end of building my personal wellness blog/ brand. But if sharing a look inside the process of growing The Meraki Collective helps just one person, then I’m all about it! 


WIN: This includes “big”, little or random things that I consider a WIN relating to business. The way I define a “win” is “when something goes exactly as planned”! Simple right!? And very much welcomed of course 🙂 

LESSONS: This is what some would consider “fails” or “problems” and in the past when something “didn’t go exactly as planned” I would have called it a failure also. But I’ve learned that there is no such thing as “failure”… there are simply lessons. 

The Meraki Collective_ Marissa & Eddie themerakicollective.com


  • We wrapped up the first round of our DIY Brand + Website Program! We worked with a small group of amazing founding members and we can’t wait to share the program with more personal brand entrepreneurs!
  • We’ll be hosting a Free 5-Day Brand Challenge next month so there are a lot of things to take care of beforehand. We were able to get all those things done before the end of the month and it feels amazing!
  • I spent two weeks designing and creating a process for our social and blog content. It was extensive, thorough and at times, overwhelming but I’m so excited about the final system. I’m really proud of how my content manager and I will be processing our content from now on so that we can eventually share it with our clients!


  • Don’t ghost your Facebook group. We created a private group for the 5-Day Brand Challenge but I wasn’t really sure what to do with the group after the first round of the challenge… so I ghosted it. I’ve since realized it’s much harder to re-engage a FB group than it is to simply keep providing helpful and valuable content! The lesson here is: show up, provide value and be consistent!
  • Don’t add dates to your FB ad creative. I created several Facebook ads where I added the dates of the challenge we were promoting. The ads did really well but since there were actual dates displayed in the caption and photos, we were not able to reuse those ads and keep all the wonderful engagement we got from last time! Lesson: keep your ads simple and don’t add dates to the creative or copy… explain that stuff on the landing page/ registration page. 
  • Don’t enroll in more than 1-2 training programs at a time. I’m currently going through three incredible programs (two for business and one for wellness) and I haven’t been able to keep up with any of them! Needless to say this makes me feel like I’m behind somehow but here’s the lesson: it’s okay to go at your own pace with anything in life and business (also, don’t enroll in all the programs at once!)

To wrap up, here’s one of my favorite quotes I heard throughout the month…



I hope this October 2020 review was helpful for you, whether you’ve recently started a business or just needed to know you’re not alone on this journey. Thanks for reading! xoxo, -M

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I’m a photographer and website strategist and I help entrepreneurs and small businesses show up online with strategy and confidence. We create modern and strategic websites so you can establish your online home, grow your personal brand and make more income. (and by “we” I my business parter/husband, Eddie and myself!) We’re so glad you’re here!
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