Our custom website


That would be us, silly! It’s all good though, you’d be surprised how often we get this question. 😉

We designed and built our website from the ground up. Every corner, link, photo, icon and every piece of text was put in place with intention and with a purpose. If you’re a fellow designer, you know custom websites are no joke!

If you’re a business owner and you’ve outgrown your current website there are a few ways we can help! Check out our semi-custom brand + websites here or if you’re looking for a totally custom website you can email us at hello@themerakicollective.com (custom builds start at 12k and are usually recommended for growing business or personal brands/influencers that need a one-of-a-kind site)

If you’re just starting your business or you know you don’t need a custom site check out our website templates or join the waitlist of our DIY Brand + Website Course here!

Thank you for being here! xoxo, -Eddie & Marissa