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Welcome to another episode of Website Wednesday! Today’s website critique is all about how to create a powerful homepage. Even though this review is focused on a website for a holistic educator and essential oils advocate, these tips apply to anyone in the health and wellness space wanting to start or improve their website. 

Before jumping into the review I gotta’ say… I’ve missed Website Wednesday! I had to put a little pause on the series so I could focus on hosting our 5-Day Brand Challenge and supporting the amazing challengers. But we’re back in action now and have implemented a plan to stay consistent with this series. If you’d like to join our next brand challenge, click here to sign up!


In today’s video you’ll see how I would apply the following tips to Melissa’s website. You’ll also get more insight into certain tips and details that you don’t want to miss! As always, there are three things I look at for these critiques (visuals, messaging and user-functionality) and Melissa requested that I focus on the MESSAGING aspect of her site. Let’s get into it!

Here are five ways to uplevel your website homepage:

  1. Focus on your customers’ frustration and transformation. Don’t be afraid to call attention to it in the header. You only have a few seconds to capture visitors’ attention so you want your message ‘above the fold’ to be clear, captivating and action inviting.
  1. Have a strong CTA (call to action). After you capture your audience’s attention, you have to tell them what to do. Do you want them to book a call, check out your shop, buy something or sign up to your newsletter?
  1. Offer a valuable but simple freebie or opt-in. Be aware you don’t overwhelm new visitors by offering too much information or asking for too many details upfront. It’s most important to build a relationship and trust first!
  1. Provide a section for your featured services. Before a new visitor leaves your site, they should know how they can work with you and if applicable how much it costs OR they should know the process to hire you.
  1. Infuse your personal brand throughout your home page. If you have a particular method you use or if you focus on a specific niche (especially if you are also part of that niche) don’t be afraid to say so!

Thank you Melissa for submitting your website for review! Xoxo, -M


Welcome to another episode of Website Wednesday!🤓Today I’m reviewing a website by a holistic educator and essential oils advocate. (Thank you Melissa for submitting your site for review!)Throughout the review I’ll be focusing on 5 WAYS YOU CAN CREATE A POWERFUL HOMEPAGE💻. I’ve listed the tips below but be sure to watch the video for more details and to see how I would apply these tips to Melissa's website.🤗➡️Focus on your customers' frustration and transformation.➡️Have a strong CTA (call to action).➡️Offer a valuable (but simple) freebie or opt-in.➡️Provide a section for your featured services.➡️Infuse your personal brand throughout your home page.⏰Timestamps:00:18 Start (the rest is me awkwardly waiting to go live on fb haha)🤣01:07 What Website Wednesdays are all about💁🏻‍♀️03:30 Highlights of Melissa’s website05:29 Website critique & review of 5 tips to Create a Powerful Homepage15:45 Extra tips on user functionality & ‘About Me’ page18:24 Our free 5-Day Brand Challenge is coming back soon!⚡️Save your spot here:❤️Thanks for watching and thank you Melissa for submitting your website for review! Xoxo, -M

Posted by The Meraki Collective on Wednesday, October 28, 2020

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