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What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the words “speak only to your ideal client”? Do you feel a sudden urge to do the complete opposite or are you up for the challenge? 

Newer entrepreneurs might be quick to dismiss this bold statement because they believe if they speak only to ONE person then doesn’t that mean they’re leaving people out? Doesn’t that mean they will limit how many clients they can get or how much income they make?

Truth is, that way of thinking couldn’t be further from the truth! Let me explain because I know the resistance is real when it comes to this topic #beentheredonethat 🙂 

When you use words on your website that speak only and directly to your ideal client you stand out as an authority while you’re making a connection and building trust with your potential client!


When you write the copy (words!) for your website and you focus on ONE ideal client your message becomes more clear, powerful and convincing. Plus it will impact, inspire or help OTHERS who may not fit your ‘ideal client’ description. What a great win-win scenario right!?

It’s like when someone is holding a giant umbrella and others can gather around to protect themselves from the rain. Just because ONE person is holding the umbrella does not mean that others can’t benefit from it. 

Isn’t it better for ONE person to hold the umbrella instead of letting it float around without helping anyone? Same thing applies to your messaging… it’s better to focus on one person and as a result you’ll be able to reach many!

Today’s Website Critique is a perfect example of the huge difference a few messaging tweaks can make even on the most beautifully designed website (you’ll see why I’m a little biased in the replay below) 😉


I’m excited to share today’s Website Wednesday Critique because it’s from one of our 1:1 clients, Lia! Lia is a business and mindset coach and obviously I love her website because it’s a customized design from one of our templates inside our website Program!

After we helped her launch her website I asked Lia if I could review it on an episode of Website Wednesday to share how she can uplevel her messaging and she was totally up for it! Here’s a glimpse into what I cover in today’s website review:

  • Swooning over our website templates, obviously 🙂
  • How to find out what words or phrases you should repeat on your website?\
  • What you must highlight within the first three sections of your website?
  • A simple and powerful tip way to highlight your authority How to highlight the features and benefits of your programs? 

A huge and warm thank you to Lia for allowing us to share her beautiful work! You’re amazing! Xoxo, -M

P.S. To watch this video directly on FB, click here

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