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When it comes to adding structure to your website have you considered the use of photos to organize your site? A big mistake I see with businesses that have a lot to offer, whether information or services, is that they treat their site kind of like an essay instead of a portfolio.

When a new visitor lands on a site they are looking for a memorable experience and they’re asking themselves, “what can you do for me?” If you don’t have those two things covered you run the risk of losing their attention and worst of all, losing sales! 

A quick fix, much like I share in today’s Website Critique, is to use photos and graphics to organize your “busy” site.


Before jumping into the photo suggestions let’s quickly review the top 5 pages that a website should have. Structuring your website and menu bar according to the following pages will allow for a smooth evolution of your website as your business grows. It will keep things visually organized, create a positive experience for your audience and help you stand out online!

Here’s the basic layout a personal brand website should have (a.k.a website pages):

  1. Home page
  2. ‘About Me’ page
  3. ‘Work With Me’ page
  4. Blog 
  5. Contact

If you’re in the process of starting your website, be sure to watch the replay below to make sure you’re starting off on the right foot. If you want to dive deeper into other things your website should have be sure to explore the website critique/reviews library.


For today’s Website Critique I focused on the power of photos to add structure to a website (especially on the homepage!) A big thank you to Natasha for sharing her business website, Magical Blessings Healing Center!

Natasha’s website has a strong visual vibe and as you’ll see in the replay below, adding photos throughout each section of the homepage will only enhance the vibe and experience. In the Website Critique I also share how someone with a lot to share (either information or services) can simplify even in the most uncommon ways; the menu bar. 

Other questions that were answered during today’s Website Wednesday are:

-What is the purpose of Website Wednesday Critiques?

-How can you use the content shared during these reviews whether you have a website or not?

-How to start if you’re brainstorming for a website but don’t know where to start?

-What is the best and fastest way to figure out your visual brand?

-To join the brand challenge, click here to save your spot! 

I hope you enjoy this critique and again, a huge thank you to Natasha for sharing your lovely work! Xoxo, -M


💻ONLINE HEALING CENTER website critique:📱 Watch the replay for today’s Website Wednesday to learn two powerful changes you can make to your website (or your future website!) so it can look organized, speak to your ideal client and stand out among all the noise on the internet!1. Stick to a simple and powerful website layout. The top 5 pages your website “must” have are a homepage, ‘about me’ page, a work-with-me page, blog (optional) and a contact page. Display these across your menu at the top of your page for easy navigation! (watch the replay for more details)2. Use photos and graphics to break up the different sections of your website, especially on your home page! (watch the replay for more details)❤️️ A big thank you to Natasha from the Blessings Healing Center for submitting your website for review! Thank you for sharing your work and allowing us to use your site as a real-world example to apply these website tips!✨ Other questions that were answered during today’s Website Wednesday:- What is the purpose of these critiques/ reviews?- How can you use the content shared during Website Wednesday whether you have a website or not?- How to start if you’re brainstorming for a website but don’t know where to start?- How can you start figuring out your visual brand? – To join the LIVE 2-Day Instagram + Canva workshop before the price goes up be sure to register at the following link: for watching! To those that watched live and those that are watching the replay, I appreciate you! Xoxo, -M

Posted by The Meraki Collective on Wednesday, December 9, 2020

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