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Welcome to our new series: Free Business Coaching! The Live Calls for this series take place inside our Private Facebook Community here (look for the hashtag #freebizcoaching). My biggest goal with this format is to help personal brand entrepreneurs get out of their own way and grow their business. I know it’s not always possible for everyone to invest in 1:1 coaching so if we can help just ONE person get some clarity on their next steps and ground it in powerful and clear action steps, then we’re here for it!


If you’re a personal brand, coach, consultant, professional service provider or small business owner and you’re feeling stuck, overwhelmed or filled with ‘analysis paralysis’ when it come to taking the next step in your business then I encourage you to apply for a Free (Live!) Business Coaching session.

  • First, make sure you’re part of the personal branding FB group here as each session is held Live only inside the group.
  • Next, click HERE to submit a quick and simple application for a FreeBizCoaching session. That’s it! If your name is chosen, you’ll receive an email with all the details and further instructions.
The Meraki Collective: Business Coaching. Image from Social Curator


No matter what stage of business you are currently in, working with a business coach empowers you to explore your blind spots and get ‘unstuck’ so you can take massive action! Business Coaching pushes you out of your comfort zone so you can make the hard decisions, take the necessary steps and grow your business with confidence.

Oftentimes we are “too close” to our own projects, stories and businesses to notice what the real problems, or opportunities, really are. My hope is to help you see things from a strategic and heart-centered perspective and I do this by asking a lot of questions, keeping it real and inviting you to get out of your own way.


When you jump into the Free Personal Branding FB group you’ll get an idea of my coaching style and you’ll be able to see other personal brand entrepreneurs share their story and make powerful breakthroughs! If you’re thinking about working with a Business Coach, consider the following questions to make sure you find the right coach for YOU!

  1. Take a look at their online presence. Obviously there are coaches who are amazing at what they do and they may not have a strong online presence. I include this step here because it’s a good way to get a FEEL for a coach’s personality or style, if you immediately feel comfortable with what you see, great! If not, then it’s a good indication to keep looking. Business Coaching can be highly personal so it’s important to like and trust the coach you work with.
  2. Initiate a Conversation. Asking questions like: “What can I expect to get out of coaching?” and “How will we set/agree on coaching goals?” are great questions to help you decide if their style of coaching is for you.
  3. Look beyond the price tag. This is a big topic and can easily be a video (or series) on it’s own! But I include this step here because when you invest in your growth and development, both personally and professionally, it’s impossible to make a “bad investment”. Sometimes it’s the things we’ve never done before that make the biggest difference and looking beyond the price tag can be one of them!

Watch the video below for a more in-depth look at what you can expect for Free Business Coaching! If you’d like to watch the video directly in FB, click here to join the private group and let’s start building your personal brand!

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I’m a photographer and website strategist and I help entrepreneurs and small businesses show up online with strategy and confidence. We create modern and strategic websites so you can establish your online home, grow your personal brand and make more income. (and by “we” I my business parter/husband, Eddie and myself!) We’re so glad you’re here!