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Your brand is your biggest asset soooo, what is it exactly? What is a personal brand? It’s no surprise I’ve been thinking (and talking) about this lately because we are in the thick of the Live version of our Branding Challenge which inspired today’s Matcha Monday conversation. 

If you’re unfamiliar with this series, I go Live every Monday on Instagram, usually while drinking a Matcha Latte, to chat about all things online presence, business and websites. You can catch me Live on our Instagram page or catch up on the library of replays here on the blog.


Since you’re here chances are you’re an aspiring business owner or you have a business that needs a refresh WHICH MEANS… you are a personal brand. Yep. Simple as that.

A personal brand is someone who is ‘the face’ of their business, blog, product or expertise. What they do, who they help and the experience they provide all makes up components of a personal brand.


Most new entrepreneurs are quick to say things like “I need to figure out my brand” without understanding that they’ve already started creating “IT” just by sharing their work to the world and interacting with their audience. If you are “the face” of your business then it’s your responsibility to craft an experience for your audience and to be intentional about the visual component of your brand.

If you are a coach, consultant, speaker, influencer, blogger or leader in any industry then you are a personal brand. I get into more detail in the video below including answers to questions like: What can you expect during the brand challenge? What if you provide a physical product like jewelry? 

If you’re ready to finally take ownership of your online presence then I’d love to help! A great place to start is at the very beginning, with a brand Mood Board! Click here to join the Free Challenge and create your Mood Board in only 3 days!

Enjoy this Matcha Monday replay and as always, thank you for being here! Xoxo, -M

To watch the replay directly on IG, click here. 

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I’m a photographer and website strategist and I help entrepreneurs and small businesses show up online with strategy and confidence. We create modern and strategic websites so you can establish your online home, grow your personal brand and make more income. (and by “we” I my business parter/husband, Eddie and myself!) We’re so glad you’re here!